Michael Dudok de Wit – A Life in Animation

Check out this book from author Andrijana Ruzic, about master filmmaker and animator Michael Dudok de Wit.

Michael is the writer/ director of the Oscar-nominated short animated film ‘The Monk and the Fish’, the Oscar-winning short animated film ‘Father and Daughter’ and the feature-length film ‘ The Red Turtle’. He was also an animator on Heavy Metal and Fantasia 2000, the illustrator of Oscar and Hoo, a story artist for Disney, and guest teacher on many animation courses around the world. I think it’s great we finally have a complete book to discover, study and honor the amazing films of this modest and largely underappreciated genius.

Like Michaels work, the book is written with great sensitivity and care for detail. It analyzes all of Michaels films and maps out the way they were made. It also offers glimpses into Michaels personal life and views, and contains a complete biography and filmography.

I am very proud to have contributed even the tiniest bit to this volume by sharing some of my memories with the author, of my time working for Michael. They are very fond memories and greatly shaped me as an animator so I am very happy they have become part of this story.

I highly reccommend this book to animators, artists and anyone who wants to find out more about one of the greatest artists working in animation today.

Arjan Wilschut


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